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Golf Magic by Carlino Giampolo


Golf Magic


The author took up golf relatively late in life. Like most of us, he took some golf lessons, read some books, listened to tips from good players and club pros on how to improve his golf swing and practiced.

As he practiced, he took notes. He studied his golf swing, attitude, grip, stance, and results. He studied his mistakes and analyzed his successful shots.

The result is this golf book: golf instruction with sound golf tips that make sense and can help anyone who follows them to improve his or her game. Golf instruction and golf lessons are clearly illustrated with photos that demonstrate exactly what the author is recommending, in a style that's easy to understand and follow.

From warming up properly to sinking the last putt in a round, golfers at all levels of proficiency can recognize flaws and virtues in their games as they play. Best of all, any golfer can minimize flaws and enhance virtues simply by following the simple golf instruction forwarded in Golf Magic.

Normally, books such as this are written by professionals. The author believes that the voice of an ordinary person is just as important as the work of professionals. And the result of his belief is an outstanding book for beginning golfers and others who desire to improve their games.

Golf Magic goes beyond other golf books in that the author stresses the importance of taking the ?magic? already within you and applying it to the game of golf. He notes that the deeper meaning of magic truly lies within the realm of mystery. For the magic is a synergy, it contains all of your power and resources and yet it is something more.

By combining your talents and the knowledge gained from your golf lessons with your personal magic, you can create a new golf reality for yourself. You certainly can be more proficient at your game and have more fun playing golf.

Golf Magic, to put it simply, is a book to be savored and used.

“Your Magical Guide To Better Golf.”

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